Blackpool Grand Theatre Tour published.

Its a spectacular tour around a lovely piece of Victorian architecture.

We’re under quite strict guidelines on what we can and cant do on the tours especially with regard to size and amount of panoramas.

I think the Grand deserved a little bit of rule breaking….it got through the automatic quality control with no probs…I hope my moderators will let it stay and dont insist I cut it down in size.

Anyway….here it is.

See if you can walk around and get up on to centre stage….tell us a joke or sing us a song whilst you’re there!!!


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Blackpool Grand Theatre gets a 360 tour!

I was so pleased when they asked us in to do the 360 tour at the Blackpool Grand Theatre.

It was quite a big task and I’m not sure Google will allow me the resources to do the multi level tour but if not the regular 30 pano should look spectacular.

Its probably going to take me a few days to stitch and fine tune so I’ll post it here when its done.

In the meantime here is a static image from the front of the stage …..I nearly burst out into song when I took this.


Blackpool Grand Theatre